Sunday, 25 October 2015

Chocolate fantasy

Chocolate fantasy

For the cakes:
140 g of butter
4 eggs
200 g sugar
180 g flour
1 tsp (no slides) of soda slaked vinegar
3 tbsp cocoa
For the cream:
700 ml. cream (33%)
250 g of sugar
2 tbsp cocoa
For the chocolate ganache:
200 g dark chocolate
200 ml. cream (33%)
4 tbsp sugar
For impregnation:
coffee (coffee liquor) optionally
For decoration:
’50 Chocolate
1. For the dough melted butter. Beat eggs with sugar. Add the melted butter, slaked soda, cocoa, flour and beat until a homogeneous dough. Pour batter into greased with butter form and put in a preheated 180 degree oven. Bake for 30-40 minutes. Ready to test a wooden stick.
2. Ready cake cool and cut into three parts.
3. For the butter cream whip cream with sugar and cocoa. Before whipping cream definitely cool. Ready to put the cream on for a while in the fridge.
4. Chocolate ganache is desirable to use immediately after cooking because it hardens very quickly and it becomes difficult to distribute on Korzh. Drown in a water bath chocolate, it is important that it is not exposed to water. Beat the cream with the sugar in a solid foam, add them to the melted chocolate and whisk again.
5. Now you can lubricate the shortcakes. If desired, they can be impregnated with an additional coffee liqueur or strong coffee. The sequence is as follows: impregnate the cake, spread the chocolate filling on top, then the butter cream. Then in the same order: cake, impregnation, chocolate, cream. The ends of the cake close using the remaining butter cream.
6. Decorate with chocolate.

Bon Appetit!


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